Brenda Staab

Dream Catcher, Trance-Medium, Channel

5th Dimensional Healing © Practitioner

Legend tells us as the Dreamer sleeps, floating through a river of unconscious experiences, their dreams rise and are caught within the web of the Dream Catcher. The dreams that are of beauty, enrichment and forward momentum are filtered gently down through the hanging feathers and beads, back to the Dreamer, where they are processed, focused and brought to fruition.

Nightmares that are caught within the web remain until first light, when the suns rays shine through and dispel the energy, never to bother the Dreamer again.

The Native Americans, Lakota Sioux and others, created the Dream Catcher to aid you, the sleeping Dreamer. Thereby helping you to connect with your Life Purpose, Life Lessons and your abilities to Dream Bigger. Giving insight into issues that have answers and resolution such as family, health, career, continuing education, finances, opportunities, retirement, contact Loved Ones who have crossed over and so much more.

I encourage you to read About Brenda page for details on my gifts and skills. Contact me to bring forward your most potent dreams, learn Life Purposes and Lessons. So too, allowing you to Dream Bigger and Awaken Anew.