About Brenda

Offering you a powerhouse of ideas and experiences for you to explore and see if they resonate with your inner spiritual self.  I discovered them in my own quest in striving to understand the current Spiritual/Human condition. Providing MANY possible paths for you to wander, ponder and digest.

Questions about your reality, about your life “Today” are questions that I welcome. And I will help you strive to find the answers using the “Tools for Transformation.” Most questions are answerable; some are not. It is important to ask and seek, for that is where the true lessons will be found.

My name is Brenda Staab. Professional Psychic, Medium, Channel and Teacher.  As an Intuitive Empath I feel, every day, the emotional energies that pour out of those around me. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s there for me to interpret and understand.  Add to this the ability to receive information on your behalf from your Higher Self, Guides, Guardian Angels and Ancestors, I find the possibilities are endless.

Over the years accumulating life experiences I found the ideal function of my gift!  “Helping others to understand their multi-leveled selves”.  Not just through mentorship and workshops, but primarily through the skill of Mediumship, Channeled Reading, Psychic Life Coach, Co-Create/Manifesting and Higher Self Guidance.

Dedicated to helping people heal their hearts and minds, I am one of the few who are certified in the Power of Wisdom Sensory Integration Technique (sm) for instant, personal emotional healing and empowerment. It is my sincerest intention to help others by offering permanent relief to those who suffer from any malady that arises from a negative emotional signature at its core. As an Intuitive Empath, I truly believe in this process and wholeheartedly dedicate my life to helping others embrace their true selves in order to gain and maintain strength, confidence, love and forgiveness, self-assurance, self-esteem, health and happiness forever.   Building upon Unconditional Love, Truth, Harmony and Peace, you reach your goals easily, automatically and successfully.

Channeled Personal Readings and Empowerment Tutoring are just a part of the Total Powerhouse available to you!  I cordially invite you to continue your exploration of this site and further adventures of the metaphysical kind.