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Awareness Preceeds All Change

There is, on some people's part, a misconception that Source/Universe/God/Guides need to give you permission to set your Course/Focus to go after your Dreams.

From my Truth this just isn't so. They are here to bring to you That Which You Focus Upon.  Your Free Will is never usurped by these who support you.  If it were, your Success's would not be your own.  Your mistakes could always be blamed on them and thereby, never learning what you came here to learn.


You were born to be Real, not to be Perfect.  Ralph MarstonThank goodness!  Holding myself up to being Perfect was just too darn hard!  Not to mention Impossible!  I’m easier to accept if I stick to being Real!  Real to me means being my authentic self, staying true to my dreams and goals.  Being Kind at every opportunity.  Helping others achieve their dreams and goals.  One way I do this is by offering Psychic Development and Spiritual Journeying courses.  As of today we have one week before the next Series of Living In The Light, A Psychic Development/Spiritual Journeying course begins.