Course Offerings

I offer classes and events at several locations, different dates and time. Below please see the courses I offer and where. Simply scroll down, click on the class/event for further information or click Take a Class with Brenda to register/pay for your space.

If you don’t find the course offering you are interested in, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll work to get that on the schedule at a location near you!

If you want to explore a topic beyond what I am currently teaching with groups, I am available for individual Consulting and Tutoring in any area of my expertise.

Here are the locations I am currently available at:

EMAIL: [email protected]


CANTON, GA 30114

Classic Crystals: The Big Crystal Adventure (30)

Join me for this 2 day event covering all things Crystal!  We'll study how to choose your Crystals, care for your Crystals, Programming of your Crystals, Possible Side Effects  as well as the different and varied types of Crystals to choose from.  Included also is How to Perform a Crystal Healing, How to Use a Pendulum, How to use Crystals for scrying.  This class is one Big Crystal Adventure!

You will need a small collection of Crystals that should include one each of the following, palm size or smaller:

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Day of Readings

This is a Day of Readings. Friday Nov. 3rd.   Please join me for individual Readings scheduled by appointment at Inner Awakenings in Blairsville, GA. Call Karen Wilkins, Owner of Inner Awakenings directly at 706-374-0528.  Located at 1650 Tate Road, Blairsville, GA 30512   There are 30 minute readings at $45 and 60 minute readings at $90. 

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Dream Interpretation: Getting the Deeper Meanings (125)

Messages in dreams have a deeper meaning than just what you glean from remembering them.  Actually knowing how to interpret them, any of them, will yield you a message....  every time.  Do you have the same dream over and over again,  there's a message in that too!  What about scary dreams....yes especially important to understand and will produce mind blowing information that will empower you to move forward in your life from a place of strength and happiness.  Every dream has the potential of helping to find and keep you on your Life Path.  They help figure out your blockages, understand

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Living in the Light (25)

  A series of 6, 2-day workshops designed to teach the formula to become the Psychic, Channel and Medium. Opening your Channel to a universe of answers and guidance. Given Free Will, Divine Design and Knowledge, we absolutely can!

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Meet Your Guides (50)

Ever wonder if it's true?  Can there be others here just to help you through thick and thin?  I'm here to help you understand "Yes" it is true!  Life Guides and Guardian Angels are absolutely here for your highest and greatest good and to protect you.  They are not here to tell you what to do, command or demand you do anything that goes against your own sense of Free Will.

Now's your opportunity to be introduced to your own, specific Life Guides and Guardian Angels.

Join me March 24th 2018,  at Timeless Remedies located at 150 Prominence Pt. Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114

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Messages from Loved Ones (40)

Receive personal messages from Loved Ones who have crossed over.  Join me in the Small Setting Event at Timeless Remedies in Canton, Ga  Some of the most painful times are when we feel we no longer are connected to those we love so deeply.  This 2 hour event allows for messages to flow from those Loved Ones back to you.  Here is your chance to finally find out how they are, what they are doing and how to know when they are around you.  Join me for this unique event when I host a Small Settings audience of like-minded people  My goal is to pass along as many messages as I can during our time

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It's all about you:  A Natal Chart is a map, a snapshot in time of the planets, aspects and energies at the exact date, moment and location of your birth.  It reveals many details of your life, personality, relationships, family, finances, friends, careers, education and even  your subsconscious mind.  If you choose, you can use this type of information to gain insight into your strengths, challenges, weaknesses, past life issues and even your life purpose!  You will receive all materials, including your very own Natal Chart.  Once you register and prepay, please forward to me at

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Power Animals, Totems and Guides (30)

These Powerful Animal Beings are here to assist, support and protect you alongside your Guardian Angels, Life Guides and Ancestors.  We'll learn which are your Guides, how to contact them and how they can be of assistance to you!:

As an added bonus, I will be including information on Animal Communication.  To help you better understand your pets, live stock and teenagers.  :HA!). Seriously, the information can be applied to humans.  I hope you'll join me for my much anticipated journey to teach at the beautiful and spiritual workshop. 

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