Roster of Workshops:

  • The Shadow Selves:  How to Identify and Resolve
  • Basic Psychic Development Short Courses x 3, 2.5 hours each
  • How to Meditate Effectively, Every Time: 2.5 hours
  • Astrological Natal Chart Messages:  6 hours
  • Meet Your Guides:  6 hours
  • Dream Messages and Interpretations:  4 hours
  • Power Animals, Totems and Guides:  2.5 hours
  • Living in The Light, a Channeling, Mediumship Certification Course:  6 weekends, 2 days each
  • Guided Meditation Facilitator Certification Course:  10 hours, over 2 days
  • Classic Crystals Healing Facilitator Certification Course: 10 hours, over 2 days

As Dream Catcher, I pick up on subjects others are seeking to learn more about as well as what Guides recommend to be taught.   The list above is the culmination of many years of workshops taught and that are available to schedule.  If you see a workshop you are interested in but not actually scheduled, please contact me to be put on the attendee list.  I am very responsive and work to get those scheduled promptly.  Call or text:  404-376-3656 or email [email protected]


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A Day of Readings


There are two basic types of Readings: Mediumship and Channeled. Mediumship Readings are when I connect with your Loved Ones who have already crossed over. Channeled Readings are connecting to Guides and Guardian Angels for specific Guided advice. Usually there is a beautiful mixture of both, depending upon your needs. We sit in a private ... Read more

Power Animals, Totems, Guides

The Compass Pointe 298 School Circle, Blarisville, GA, United States

Join me for a Shamanic Journey into the land of Power Animals, Totems and Guides!  Ever wonder if the animal in your dreams or in your back yard have a message for you? They do and are offering you the opportunity of joining with them for messages of strengths, courage, protection, insights and much more. Learn ... Read more



TIMELESS REMEDIES 150 Prominence Point Pkwy, Suite 300, Canton, GA, United States

2 DAY EVENT - APRIL 2nd & APRIL 3rd from 1:00 to 4:00 PM Ever wonder if it's true? Can there be others here just to help you through thick and thin? I'm here to help you understand "Yes" it is true! Life Guides and Guardian Angels are absolutely here for your highest and greatest ... Read more


Advanced Gallery Reading Workshop

TIMELESS REMEDIES 150 Prominence Point Pkwy, Suite 300, Canton, GA, United States

This workshop is for individuals to join me in sharing messages from Loved Ones, Guides and Angels. As an Advanced workshop, you will have the opportunity to share messages with other individuals attending. You should already know how to connect with your Loved Ones, Guides and Angels. We will build upon that connection. Join me ... Read more


Advanced Channeling

TIMELESS REMEDIES 150 Prominence Point Pkwy, Suite 300, Canton, GA, United States

  Join me for this one day tutorial regarding Advanced Channeling Methods .  We’ll move to awaken a deeper sense of connected-ness.  Practice and share channeled messages with each other.  Then purposefully connect to gain messages for yourself.  Come spend the day with me and like minded others, you’ll be glad you did.


Advanced Journeying With Guides

In this 5 hour class, you’ll be lead via Deep Dive Meditation to encounter Advanced Benevolent Beings.  Each one sharing messages and gifts just for you. Join me and other advanced, like minded people for a journey like no other.  You’ll enjoy the journey!      


New Years Dreams Are Just A Whisper Away


The Dream Catcher 2023 New Year's Readings Your New Years Dreams Are Just A Whisper Away "When we know that the cause of something is in ourselves, and that we (ourselves) are one of the few things in the universe that we have the right and ability to change, we begin to get a sense ... Read more