Readings, Counseling, Channeling & Mediumship

As Dream Catcher I am blessed with many gifts, skills, knowledge and wisdom gained through a lifetime of studies, experiences, mentoring and ongoing clientele practice.

Appointments can include Readings, Counseling and Mediumship.   In each I am connected to Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Loved Ones/Pets crossed over.  This brings understanding, information, healing, releasing, connection, clarity, focus and new awakenings addressing life issues of any depth.

Booking Information

I am available for In-Person, Zoom and Phone Appointments. 

Location for In-Person appointments is Canton, Ga. Address given at time of scheduling.

To book an Appointment click button below.  You will be directed to PayPal to pay for your reading. If there is a better way to contact you than the email registered with PayPal, please Contact Me with your phone number or other contact info so I can call, text or email you within a few hours to schedule you in as early as possible.

  30 min. Reading $75.00
  45 min. Reading $95.00
  60 min. Reading $125.00
  90 min. Reading $175.00
  Love Offering

Tips to Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Think about what you would like to gain from your time with me
  • Have a list of your questions
  • You may audio record only, smart phones have this capability
  • Bring paper and pen if you wish to take notes
  • Be hydrated, bring something to drink
  • Wear comfortable clothes

Refund Policy: A refund of payment can only occur if you have a prepaid appointment and by giving no less than a 24-hour notice by phone to cancel. There will be a 5% refund fee deducted. The fee for Reading, Counseling, Mediumship or Teaching sessions is based solely on the time spent with a client. And not based on client’s opinion as to the understanding of the information, the accuracy of the information or the client’s agreement with the information.