“I have been a client of Brenda’s for over ten years!

She has helped me through many difficult times! From cleansing my house of negative energy after my divorce, her physic ability to help guide my future decisions or her medium abilities after my mother’s death.

Obviously, I trust her and all of her abilities. So much so I’ve referred her to many friends and family who needed assistance and will continue to do moving forward.”

Elena Cass

“I first contacted Brenda when my entire being was shattered after my son passed away. I was empty in my soul and in so much pain I thought there was no way I could ever survive. She helped me understand so many things about my son’s life and death that I was able to understand more than I had ever before. She answered questions that I didn’t even ask but it was information that I needed. She made communication between me and my son possible and gave me rest for my mind and peace for my soul. I had no idea what his favorite song was. Brenda told me it was a song even older than I am which I later confirmed with his best friend. Without her help and sharing her gifts I really don’t know that I would have had the strength to still be here today.”

Jeri L. House

“Brenda Staab is a very, gifted channel of the Divine. I highly recommend her to help bring clarity and peace to you. She helped me tremendously while my Mother was in a nursing home, dying. Brenda was spot on with timing and gave messages from my Mother that only I would have understood.  After my Mom transitioned, I asked Brenda to ensure it was peaceful. That message (although it still brings me to tears, of love) totally assures me that my Mom’s long struggle is over, and she is at peace. That message helps me heal every day. I am honored to know Brenda and to have someone so gifted to call upon.”

Lisa M., Cumming, GA

“Brenda Staab is one of the few people on this earth who can guide us through the tempest to emerge into the sunlight on the other side of the storm.

I started with having readings from her and later my genuine curiosity led me to watching her bring messages from the other side to comfort those in grief. I can attest to her clairvoyant abilities as a trained scientist. I can assure you – she’s the real deal folks. She also teaches phenomenal classes to awaken the paranormal abilities in us all.

The first thought that went through my head when I went through major changes in my life was I need to talk to Brenda. When I left my teaching job of 20 years and came to her needing answers to certain questions I did not tell her ahead of time what was going on in my life. Sure enough after kind greetings and sitting down the first thing out of her mouth was “I can’t imagine you not teaching.”

I very much enjoy Brenda’s wholistic approach to helping others- she teaches you how to have a healthy mind, body and soul. When all three are resonating with each other your life really changes for the better.

There is an awakening on this planet right now as many of us are realizing that there is much more to life than material-living and digital ones and zeroes. If you are in need of a lantern to find your way through the fog of loss or confusion Brenda can guide you through the darkness; she is a wonderful spiritual guide who sees her unique gift as a privilege to help those in need.”

Matt Sabin

“Brenda is one of very few mediums I would recommend.  Her gifts are undeniable and accurate as she connects instantly.  She leaves you with positive seeds she has planted throughout her reading!  She is a wonderful reader!”

Irene Edreich

I met Brenda over 10 years ago and she has helped guide me through many big events in my life.  I call her my psychic counselor because she has given me some of the greatest tools for dealing with difficult situations and she has helped me be more present in the wonderful times and truly appreciate them.  I can’t imagine my life without her beautiful spirit and guidance.  Her kindness exudes always.  I hope she is always a part of my spiritual journey and she is certainly a huge part of me becoming the true me.

Dr. Mary Strange


On more than one occasion I had sought Brenda’s assistance for insight to navigate this wild ride we call life.

For my first reading with Brenda she did not personally know me and her accuracy was spot on, proving she is the real deal.  Since then her abilities have grown so much that I’m completely blown away by my most recent reading with her.

The insight and information I have received with each reading has been invaluable to me.  I have a much greater understanding of various situations, myself and loved ones that will help me moving forward.

I cannot recommend Brenda enough!

Maria Harrison

Brenda is a wonderfully kind and compassionate person and the reading I received from her was truly a beautiful and uplifting experience. I’m no stranger to various types of Spirit-Guided readings, but hers was one of the most thorough I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Not only did I get answers to questions I hadn’t even thought to voice, I also received some very helpful insight and tools to help me take the next step on my journey.

Taryn Ash