About Brenda

As Dream Catcher, I use my gifts and skills to recognize the dreams that support and sustain you.  I see the ones that light you up and bring Life Purpose and Lessons, answers and resolutions.  Then dispel the nightmares that have plagued you.

Through many lifetimes I have been the Seer, the Soothsayer and the Oracle.   I have now a full lifetime of being the same…. In this lifetime I am “Dream Catcher”.

Through my life of personal experiences, years of ongoing study, metaphysical practice and teaching that I am ready to bring to you the dreams you seek, answers to your questions, experiences for you to practice and learn from.  Sessions available for Readings, Consultations, Mentoring and Healing (see 5th Dimensional Healing page).  Bringing information and healing from Guides, Angels and Loved Ones crossed over.  Offering guidance, realizing Life Purpose and Life Lessons, Life Path future-oriented readings for love, health, career and family.  Removing attachments and allowing healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  This is but the tip of what I am available to do for you.  It is my honor to connect with you and my delight to bring forward this part of your Spiritual Being having a Human experience (see 5th Dimensional Healing page). 

I encourage you to go to Readings with Brenda page to discover the level of gifts, talents and skills I offer along with booking information and pricing.

Credentials and Studies:

  • Seeing Clients, Teaching and Mentoring Since 2004
  • Tarot, Energy, Metaphysics 2003
  • Mind Mastery Certification 2004
  • Numerology Certification 2006
  • Astrology Certification 2007
  • Psychic Dev, Channeling, Mediumship Certification 2009
  • Living in the Light, channeling, Mediumship: Channeled Series 2013-17
  • Mediumship Certification 2017
  • Dream Catcher Trance-Medium 2019
  • 5th Dimensional Healing © Practitioner 2021